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Negative Mass Decaf

Negative Mass Decaf

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Introduce yourself to our remarkable Mountain Water Processed Decaf, where perfection is achieved through a medium roast, balanced acidity, and a full-bodied character. This decaffeinated blend satisfies your coffee cravings and ensures a flavor-rich journey that can be savored without compromise.

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Sustainability & Ethics

We seek sustainablity and fairness by making sure our farmers get the care they deserve. They are essential to bringing you that little cup of happiness in the morning. We work with organizations like Rainforest Alliance, Cafe Femenino and others to make this happen.

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About Critical Mass

Critical Mass Coffee is a leading 100% organic specialty coffee roaster known for providing the freshest and highest quality coffee from all over the coffee belt. We have a strong passion for preserving our environment and only support sustainable and ethical farmers.

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