• Reliability

    Critical Mass Coffee is a leading USDA certified organic coffee roaster known for providing the freshest and highest quality coffee from all over the coffee belt.

  • Integrity

    We only source the top 1% organic specialty grade coffee in the world. All of our coffee is free of all pesticides, fertilizers, & toxins — you never have to worry about what's in your cup with us.

  • Sustainability

    We have a strong passion for preserving our environment and only support sustainable and ethical farmers.

  • Flexibility

    We wholesale to cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars, concessions, caterers, event venues and more.

  • Service

    Fully customized service - custom sized bags, custom weight airpot bags, custom shipping schedules and custom blending available.

  • Customizable

    We provide private labeling for all of our products and support in the creation of proprietary blends for all wholesale customers.

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