Why come work with us?

1. We win together

We celebrate our wins, we learn from our losses, and we move forward as a team. Doing this allows us to maximize shared knowledge and empower creativity between all members of our team. 

2. We raise the bar

We went into this business because we wanted to enjoy the highest quality cup of coffee that didn't sacrifice people, or our planet. As we continue to grow, our standards will grow with us. This belief is at our core— we're serious when we say that you never have to worry about what's in your cup with us. 

3. We think long-term

Every decision we make has our footprint in mind from bean to cup. We only work with sustainable and ethical farmers— our mother earth is beautiful, let's keep it that way.  

4. We stand for inclusion

We have worked hard to build a community where all of our team members are respected and are given the ability to achieve their highest potential regardless of race, gender, disability, medical or other need. 


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